Wooden serving tray   C2
Wooden serving tray   C2
Wooden serving tray   C2
Wooden serving tray   C2

Wooden serving tray C2

Wooden serving tray C2

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Embrace sustainability through  Paradox Home with, 

our eco-friendly kitchenware ,crafted from harvested 

plantation trees. Our designs prioritize ergonomics and 

utility, free from toxic materials .Wood ,a carbon sink, 

makes our products environmentally friendly. 

By choosing us, you actively contribute to reforestation. 

Stand out with our dedication to engaging local 

communities and empowering individuals, providing 

opportunities for those with disabilities.

Your support furthers our mission for a sustainable and 

inclusive society. 

Thank you for being part of the PARADOX HOME journey.

How are our products suitable for hypersensitivity users?
  • Food contact oil. No heavy metal  
  • Kiln dried and fungi control process

Type of wood  

  • Teak


To clean your serving board ,start by wiping it with 

a damp cloth ,then scrub it lightly with a brush or wash 

it using a sponge and dry it with dry towel immediately 

and leave it in good flow of air area .Do not soak or be 

moist serving board for prolong period of time, this can 

cause the wood to split. 

Do not use high temperature to speed up the drying 

process.To recondition the serving board, it may be 

rubbed with sandpaper and re-oiled with vegetable 

oil frequently.


Not suitable for microwave /dishwasher/ovens.

Avoid long-term direct sunlight/heating/insect/flame.